Red Shield Recipe – March 9, 2012

“Turn to me and be gracious to me,
   for I am lonely and afflicted.
 Relieve the troubles of my heart
   and free me from my anguish.” ~ Psalm 25:16-17


3 parts Faith

2 parts Surrender

1 part Hope

measureless and unlimited amounts of Jesus


How many of us have told someone, “I just want to be alone?” Why would we do that?  Perhaps, it’s to decompress and come down from a very stressful situation or we may be grieving loss and need some time to process.  We may seek alone time as we take a walk through the woods, clearing our mind, focusing on God, seeking answers and guidance in our life.  Whatever the reason, some alone time is healthy and necessary.  There does come a time when we feel alone and this isn’t our desire.  We live in a world bustling with people, yet amidst the crowds, we sense an overwhelming presence of loneliness; isolation.  Some may feel no one understands them or what they’ve gone through.  They may feel like the only person on their particular journey and yearn for someone to empathize and truly hear what they are saying.  For many, they may feel that not even God is listening…….

We will all encounter times in our lives where alone is the only reality we know.  The good news is with the proper mix of ingredients consisting of Faith, Surrender and Hope along with measureless amounts of Jesus, one can graduate out of isolation and into community.  With letting go of trying to control and figure out your situation and giving it to God, true freedom is suddenly found!  The heaviness can be lifted and a sensation of flight becomes our reality.  Imagine holding 2 heavy 5 gallon buckets of water up a hill.  The weight of the water as you make your way up a steep embankment is not easy as your muscles flex and struggle to remain balanced and successful in reaching the top.  Now, picture yourself simply setting it down and progressing up that hill knowing, there is someone right behind you to pick it up and set it on top of the mountain for you.  How do you feel as you walk? Lighter?  Your muscles no longer ache, your breathing is no longer labored, you feel a huge weight lifted and you actually make your way to your destination faster.  God is there to pick up those burdens, those obstacles, those challenges, those hopeless situations.  He wants you to “let go” and drop what you’re holding on to and allow Him to carry it!  He wants you to see that you, in fact are never alone, He is right there with you, carrying those heavy buckets of water, and when you reach the top, its no longer heavy buckets being carried but rather it becomes a breakthrough for you.  A transformation takes place in your life because you followed the recipe of surrender and faith, believing that Jesus can carry all things that could possibly weigh us down and will stand by our side no matter what!


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