Recipe #12

“Change is the essence of life.  Be willing to surrender that you are for what you could become.” Author Unknown







4 parts Commitment

5 parts Faith

6 parts Perseverance

Measureless Amounts of Jesus



Surrender.  It’s not an easy word to say let alone put into action.  In the context of war for instance, to surrender, would mean to “give up”, “give in” to the opponent.  It’s like saying I can’t go on any longer for I am outnumbered, out skilled and the odds are not in my favor.  But when it comes to God and surrendering to His will, the word takes on a whole other meaning.  To surrender to Him means that you have “accepted” not “resigned” to the fact that God knows what’s best for your life.  You are handing the keys to the one who has been driving for years, He knows the potholes, He knows when the road curves, where the bridge is out, what path leads to destruction and which path leads to blessing.  That is not to say the road may not be bumpy and that doors may not always open right away but through it all you have someone to join you on the ride.  In order to accomplish this feat one must first add commitment to this recipe; make a decision that God knows what’s best for your life and stand firm.  Next stir in some faith and perseverance believing and pressing forward knowing that God wants only the best for you, Psalm 37:4, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Throw in cupfuls of Jesus and soon enough you will see your life unfold in ways that go beyond anything you could ever imagine in your mind.


During our Angel Tree season, close to 250 families a day for 3 weeks sit in a warehouse waiting for their number to be called so they can sit at a table and register their children for Angel Tree. They have to sift through all of their paperwork to show why they need help, while stating, "they never imagined having to do this." What's awesome about this process is we have so many families who come back to volunteer within the program that once provided them with a hand up. They didn't "give up" or "give in" to their circumstance, they surrendered to Him and he provided the way and soon enough they experienced their breakthrough and they've never been the same!

Serves those ready to accept that God loves us and desires only but the best for our lives.



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