Recipe #11

My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love somebody and have the courage to accept the love in return. “ ~Maya Angelou






3 parts Brokenness

4 parts Humbleness

5 parts Understanding

6 parts Determination

7 parts Faith

8 parts Patience

Measureless amounts of Jesus



In life, we have the opportunity to make a number of choices that can produce either a negative or positive impact on our current circumstance.  A walk through the wrong door can lead to heartbreak, regret and loss while another door can lead to prosperity, blessing and fulfillment.  Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and once the path has been chosen it becomes so much clearer on down the road as to what we should have done or aren’t we glad we didn’t go down that particular road.  At The Salvation Army, many people end up on our doorsteps on the worst day of their life after a life choice or choices has affected them in a less than desirable manner.  For so many, they arrive with everything they own contained in small grocery bags or a handful of boxes.  The home they once occupied has been taken from them because of money that couldn’t be paid as a result of not being employed.  Food is a luxury and generally involves decisions in a grocery store as to whether to purchase a box of macaroni and cheese or diapers.  Pride is left at the door once they enter and tears flow without ceasing as they struggle to figure out what to do for themselves and the family they are trying to raise.  No one is perfect and no one is exempt from this type of situation.   Millions of Americans live pay check to paycheck and with one hiccup in the system could lose everything.

But here’s the thing, regardless of the choices or paths we felt we should take at the time but now regret we did, this doesn’t have to be the end.  It can just as easily be the beginning; an opportunity for you to learn, to grow and to achieve even greater things than you could ever imagine.  In order to do this you must first begin the process with realizing and admitting you’re broken from the inside out and are ready for a change; to be pieced back together, the way God designed us to be.  Next, it’s important to add humbleness to the mix, to see that this can happen to anyone; it’s no respecter of persons.  Now, add Understanding, determination, faith and patience, key ingredients to this recipe.  Understanding what has happened and how you can move forward, determination in seeing this through; never quitting.  Faith; believing that God can move mountains and will equip you on this journey and patience along with unlimited amounts of Jesus, knowing that He will provide; your breakthrough is coming!

Our Salvation Army Emergency Services Center serves families and individuals from 6 counties within the Middle Tennessee area. We provide food boxes, rent/mortgage assistance and utility assistance. On average, this office receives 180 calls a day, 3600 calls a month from those seeking this type of assistance.


Serves those are seeking new direction; new beginnings and a break from the choices of their past!


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