Recipe #7

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” ~Francois Voltaire (French Poet)








3 parts Understanding

4 parts Patience

5 parts Self-Discipline

6 parts Faith

Measureless amounts of Jesus



How many of us remember the famous line from the movie “Braveheart” when William Wallace a.k.a  Mel Gibson yells out,”They may take our lives but they’ll never take our freedom!”   Tangible items around us including our lives, money and possessions can be taken from us, but the freedom within is ours to keep.  It’s easy to feel like you are running around a corral that appears to have no gate and with fences that seem to be extraordinarily high, disabling the ability to climb out.  It’s not easy but there is joy to be found in sitting still when you feel imprisoned; the joy that surpasses understanding as you focus on what you can do amidst your current circumstance.  And that soon enough God will provide a way for you to experience the freedom He has desired for your life.  In the New Testament, we find Paul is bound by chains in a prison cell the size of a postage stamp.  It’s dark and very damp and at first glance one could easily state, he is not a free man but he would correct you.  Paul chose to find the light in the darkness he faced, and before him was an open gate even if it was spiritually versus physically.  Paul constantly witnessed to those around him of the incredible Christ he served and as he wrote to the surrounding churches and to his followers, he encouraged them, imagine that!  We all have the ability to find this freedom, just follow this simple recipe and it can be yours.  First, you must start with understanding, realizing that tough, heartbreaking situations and events happen in our lives through our choices and that of people around but that doesn’t mean we need to throw in the towel or turn to damaging distractions to help us mask the pain. Next add, patience and self-discipline.  These key ingredients will enable you to withstand the circumstance while you seek out ways to improve your situation.  Then add a good amount of faith along with plentiful portions of Jesus.  Faith is knowing that your current state isn’t going to last forever as long as you desire a change and ask Jesus to come alongside, freedom is just around the corner.

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is one of the many programs SA offers to assist individuals in seeking and finding their freedom. Many of our programs offer freedom for those who want to learn a skill, how to read, how to prepare a resume, how to budget their money and how to live on their own. The ARC assists men who struggle with alcohol and drug addictions, achieve their "freedom." These beds pictured here are located in our Men's Dorm and each one contains a story; a life that was bound but will soon enough be FREE! For more info on the SA ARC program, please call 615-649-3320


Serves those seeking change and who believe change will ultimately happen!


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