Recipe #6

“Transformation in the world happens when people are healed and start investing in other people. ” ~ Michael W. Smith







3 parts Desire

4 parts Empathy

6 parts Personal Testimony

7 parts Love

Measureless Amounts of Jesus



Life can be difficult with many hurdles and obstacles hindering our walk as we journey through this world.  We set our hearts on dreams that die, create in our mind expectations that fail to be met, stumble and make life changing mistakes or experience personal loss of loved ones.  These events and preconceived notions can cause us to stay in one place for an extended period of time or fall backwards into  a past we can’t let go of.  The amazing thing is that with God, we have the ability to get beyond the circumstances; work our way through the storm.  Then once we have been healed; processed the pain, we have the wonderful opportunity to share our story with “Others.”  You are now a lamp revealing light to those who are still wandering in darkness.  And this amazing light has the ability to shine on those who are walking where your foot once stepped.  You can now play a role in the transformation of someone’s life, versus keeping it to yourself for fear of people judging you.  Matthew 5:15, “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl.  Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.” In order to fulfill this  recipe of life, one must first have the desire within them to speak aloud and share their heart.  Next, you will add empathy; placing yourself where they are and speak accordingly.  Then stir in your personal testimony, topped off with love and heaping spoonfuls of Jesus.

Milt and Audrey Servais have been "transforming" lives here at The Salvation Army for over 70 years. "Uncle Milt" as he was so often lovingly referred to was instrumental in sharing his personal journey with the youth of inner city Nashville revealing to them their great potential, then later with the elderly members of the Golden Agers Club speaking life and hope within those who thought their time of service was over. Uncle Milt's motto, "Be the reason somebody's having a great day." Milt and Audrey have since left this earth via a Promotion to Glory but their son Mike Servais continues the tradition of impacting lives by the words he speaks, the stories he shares and the life he leads.


The result is a transformation of life in those we come in contact with.  This recipe has the potential to elevate people out of hopelessness and onto the path of personal change and growth


Serves those who are listening for the words and seeking their potential



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2 responses to “Recipe #6

  1. Mike Servais

    What a warm tribute to my parents! Thank you very much. Have a GREAT day.
    Mike Servais

    • Royce Norman

      Uncle Milt never let me forget my potential, even though I did not believe I had one until later in my life. With out his guidance, I am afraid I would have taken the wrong journey in life, as did so many I knew that did not have him to watch over them, advice them, and show them that they were special and loved by someone, as he did me.
      He has been for most of my life, and will always will be MY HERO.

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