Recipe #5

“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed just one.” ~Mother Teresa







2 parts Compassion

4 Parts Willingness

5 parts Sacrifice

6 parts Love

Measureless amounts of Jesus



It takes a special person with the right consistency and desire to feed those who are hungry.  To take time out of the busy schedules we keep in order to fill food boxes, serve food outside amidst rain, snow, sleet, wind, heat or cold, hand out snacks to children in an after school program, place trays of food at the seat of infants and toddlers in our Kare for Kids child care center, supply hot dogs and all the fixin’s for children participating in a Fishing Rodeo, dish up freshly prepared meals to residents within our Transitional Housing program and the Adult Rehabilitation Center.  To create this special person, one must first have within them, 2 parts compassion, a heart to reach out and make a difference.  Next, one needs, 4 parts willingness, then 5 parts sacrifice, finish with 6 parts of love and countless amounts of Jesus.  With these four remaining key ingredients, people are fed and lives are changed.

At The Salvation Army we are able to feed those who are hungry whether it's out on the street or within the many programs we offer. Children who would otherwise starve are provided healthy snacks and meals, families and individuals have the opportunity to eat dinner together in our main dining room with food we provide because of you, the donor. Children from the neighborhood have the opportunity to receive a meal through various outreach iniatives and events that we partner with. Homeless men and women enjoy a hot breakfast and dinner every week on Tuesdays and Fridays on the streets of Nashville. Because you give, our brothers and sisters, daughters and sons are fed and nourished both body and soul. If you wish to support our continued efforts at meeting the need please call Jen at 416-4218 or click on Hunger Stops Here!



Serves anyone who is hungry regardless of who they are, where they came from or what they’ve done.



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2 responses to “Recipe #5

  1. Joshua Lippincott

    I love this…and as we so much of the time need an example to get us jump started, I would like to share about one of our amazing volunteers. This retired woman, working all of her life, serving her family, and finally getting to retire, deserves more than anyone to relax, coast, kick back and to be “served” what she has always given away. Her two parts compassion comes through commitment and her heart to see beyond herself and to see the greater need in the world. She is not only willing by words, but puts her willingness into action everyday through sorting the mail at the hospital; cooking sausage and potatoes at 5:45 am for our street family; preparing food boxes to give away to those who cry out in hunger; plus so much more. She sacrifices in time, resources, money, thoughts, deeds, heart, and life. And how can I even begin to talk about the love that comes from her. The fragrance of Christ not only comes forth from her life, but touches and consumes all that are just merely in proximity to her. Very similar to walking through the mall and eating cologne as you pass a certain young trending store which I will leave nameless. Not only has she been touched by Jesus…we know love, because He first loved us, and in doing so this lady gives this love that can only come from our Father above. If you have not figured it out by now, the woman is Miss Eloise Ferguson. She is one the greatest examples of feeding the hungry in actions, words, love, food, and deeds. Thank you Eloise for all you do to show the world that serving one life at a time, you can make a difference and be the difference for many.

    ‎”Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive [and love].” ~Howard Thurman

  2. Mike Servais

    YOU are a book-full of recipes for life.
    God blesses so many through you, including His servant, Eloise.

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