Recipe #4

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” ~Mark Twain







2 parts Kindness

3 parts Faith

4 parts Obedience

5 parts Love

Measureless amounts of Jesus



This recipe calls for 3 parts Faith to be added first; to know that the work of your hand via Christ has the ability to touch a life no matter what the circumstance happens to be.  Next, mix in 4 parts of Obedience as you seek to carry out this mission of change.  Then by adding love, kindness and lots of Jesus this recipe has the ability to enable us to seek out and find situations in which we can make a difference.  To provide a hug, a smile and empowering words to someone whom by all outward appearances seems unapproachable.  As we drive down the road, yield to every car when possible, let them in front of us whenever we see their blinker on; remain content in being second or even last on this road called Life.  Choose to pursue ways to serve “Others” versus concentrate on our own desires.  And as this is being prepared within us, understand that God will take care of our every need as we meet the needs of “Others.”

Every week volunteers join us to assist in providing not only food but conversation and love to those who are homeless. If you are interested in serving, please contact Josh at 416-3175


The end result is a transformation of life!


Serves a countless number of people from all walks of life


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