Recipe #3

“A pessimist, they say, sees a glass of water as being half empty; an optimist sees the same glass as half full. But a giving person sees a glass of water and starts looking for someone who might be thirsty.”

~G. Donald Gale (President of Words, Words, Words, a communications consulting company)





2 parts Compassion

3 parts Empathy

4 parts Heart

5 parts Soul

6 parts Love

Measureless Amounts of Jesus



As I scan the room during any type of meeting in which several Salvation Army officers from all over a division or territory are present, I can’t help but see “Others” in the eyes of each one.  Since 1865, when William Booth founded this organization that grew from the streets of London to serving in 122 countries all over the world, the mission has always been “to meet human need in His Name without discrimination.”   I know that as I sit amongst hundreds of officers that if a disaster or emergency of any kind were to occur, tunics would be thrown to the side, sleeves would be rolled up and every officer would jump to the aid of their fellow man; even if it meant losing their life.  Every officer has their own personality, demeanor, character, management style, idiosyncrasies and eccentricities much like anyone else on the planet, but there is no hesitation for any of them to feed, to clothe, to rescue and to minister anyone who cries out for help.  This is who a Salvation Army Officer is and what God has called them to be.  Their make-up consists of compassion, empathy, heart, soul, love and numerous amounts of Jesus. And this isn’t just something officers experience or are convicted to do, it’s available to every single one of us.  Each person is equipped with a unique gift or gifts that are designed to impact another, we just have to be willing to try the recipe!

Just as Jesus called his disciples to follow Him, today He calls Christian men and women to this same adventure. Salvation Army officers see lives changed, bring hope and practical help to humanity as they share the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Their work will often be among the poorest and neediest of our society. All of them will make a difference: some as corps officers and others as administrators of Salvation Army rehabilitation centers for those recovering from addictions. Still other officers may work in Salvation Army social service centers, while some find their calling to work in other cultures and countries. Each officer carries the message of love and each officer is the voice of God in the place where he or she is needed. A Salvation Army officer is a fully ordained and trained evangelical minister of the Gospel


It’s with the combination of these ingredients that lives and souls can and will be changed forever


Serves thousands all over the world



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